Thursday, 10 January 2013

Best concealer!!


Secret Camouflage

I have tried many concealers in my life and this is the best one out of them all. It camouflages all scars, pimples and spots on your face and you only need to apply on a small amount. The concealer comes in two tones of colour which is great if you get a tan in summer or its great for highlighting and contouring your face. The compact also comes with a mirror and its a perfect size so that you can take it in your handbag where ever you go.

 I that this product is best applied with a concealing brush, that way the product will remain clean and you use less amount of it.

I do not recommend this product for concealing under eye dark circles as the texture of this product is much dryer compared with other concealers. If you wanted to use it for under eye, i would recommend mixing it with another liquid concealer or moisturiser. You can also use this product as an eye shadow base to prevent the eye shadow from creasing.

This product is definitely  worth the money!! BEAUTY ESSENTIAL!!

(I use the colour shade number five)

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