Thursday, 17 July 2014

Get clear skin!

Throughout the past three years i have suffered from a lot of blemishes and have tired a lot of products to solve the problem. Finally i have found a product which has stop my blemishes and help my skin look healthier.

I started going to a dermatologist who works for Dermalogica and she gave me a daily routine to follow using Dermalogica and i have found that the results are very effective.


1) Cleanse face with Dermarlogica pre cleanse cleanser
This is an oil cleanser where you massage the oil on face (over make-up) and then apply small amount of water, the oil will turn milky and clean off any dirt on the face. After massaging the face, rise it all off with warm water.

2) Cleanse face with Dermarlogica foaming cleanser

3) Moisturise with Dermarlogica Smoothing cream
This is my favourite product by Dermarlogica and its propbably the main product that has helped my skin. A little goes a long way, it keeps my skins hydrated without making it oily and helps keep my blemishes away.

4) If i have a blemish or i feel that theres one coming along i apply some Dermarlogica overnight clearing gel on top and keep it on over night. This is also a very effective product.

You may find that these products are a bit on the pricy side but like i said before a little goes a long way and they really show results if you stick to this routine.

I also go for Frequency Treatment once in a while which helps kill all the bacteria clogged up inside your skin which is really good for people with acne. I would definitely recommend to look into.All Dermarlogia gerontologists provide this treatment.

precleansespecial cleansing gelskin smoothing cream
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