Saturday, 25 October 2014

Winter nights

Winter has reached us again in England and the nights fall early. The best feeling about winter is making your home feel cosy, warm and relaxed. The days can drag a little longer during this season as it gets dark quick outside and after a long day at work or school you want to go home and just chill at the comfort of your home. 

To give my room a cosy relaxed look I brought some fairy lights to put around my dressing table and windows, they give an enchanting look which appeals to me as it makes me happy. 
Overload your bed with lots of cushions, I love coming home and just pouncing on them and get all cosy and watch telly. 

Bring the outdoors, indoors by putting a plant in the corner and some bunches of flowers. They really make the room feel different and gives a luxurious look. 
The best things I like to use in winter are lots of scented candles, they just fill the room with warmth and the scents are really calming. When it comes to lighting use a night lamp with a dim yellow bulb, which will help contribute to give warm colour  in the room.

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