Friday, 7 November 2014

Best concealers for dark circles

Erase paste by benefit 

A little goes along way with this concealer. It's a salmon colour so it helps reduce any shady colours underneath the eyes. It's a thick, creamy-formula, I think that it applies on well if you use an eye cream before. This concealer does not crease at all for me and stays on all day.

GARNIER BB cream roll on 

I use this on a daily basis as it gives me enough coverage and helps keep my skin under the eyes moisturised. The formula is very light, I think its important not to use a heavy base concealer everyday as it will allow your skin to breath. I also find that using a heavy based concealer will make you breakout more with blemishes and produces blocked pores. As the formula is very light it doesn't crease and it stays on all day. I apply on a press powder over, to help it set.

Mac Pro long wear 

I think  this concealer is my favourite ! It's a full coverage concealer so I mainly use it for a night out or special occasions. You only need a little drop and it does the job. It's doesn't crease at all and it stays on so well, even if you accidentally touch your under eyes it does not budge the slightest. You may think it's tiny for the price it is, but trust me it will last you a long time and it's worth it ! 

Laura mercier secret camouflage 

This product is great if you live in a hot country or if you're going out somewhere where it's going to be hot and humid as the formula is quite dry compared to the others, It's not made for under eye dark circles but it's the only concealer that stays on for me when the weather is hot. If you live in a cold environment then this can be used by mixing it with any face moisturiser. The best part is that it comes in two shades inside the pallet so you can get the perfect colour match 

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