Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Victoria's Secret MISTS

Do you ever go into Victoria's secret store and find yourself lost it their huge range of body mist scents? there are just so many you feel like getting them all! but when it comes to a budget unfortunately we have to tell ourselves to control what comes out from our wallets. Anyway thank god the day I went they had a 3 for £21.54! offer which is a great bargain and saving of £17.22. yes I did the maths lol. I literally smelt them all and took my time deciding which three to get. 

so the three best scents I ended up purchasing were 
  • Rush
  • coconut passion 
  • passion struck
these all smell so good! they are a mixture of musky fruit and floral scents.

I think these are great as you can wear them everyday. I don't really like using my perfumes everyday for work as they are expensive, I  rather save them for when I go out somewhere special. But these scents are affordable and you get a lot in the bottle.

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