Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Body Shop hand creams!

Living in the UK the weather is always warm, hot and then suddenly cold, the typical British weather. This causes my skin on my hands to dry up and give me old granny hands. I've tried a few hand creams and they all feel very greasy and its irritating when i need to drive and make sure my steering wheel doesn't slip away. 

The Body Shop hand creams are amazing because they absorb into the skin so quickly and literally gives my hands a quick fix! they looks great, feel great and smell great! The scent actually lasts all day long and doesn't feel greasy or tacky at all. The other great thing is that their packaging is the perfect size to carry them in my hand bag. 

They have a good range of scents to pick from and they have an offer of buy 3 for £10 which meant that I didn't have that difficult decision of only picking out one scent. YAY! cause trust me all their scents are so addictive its really hard to pick which one is the best.  

My favourite scents were...

  • Because I know honey has so many good properties to help heal the skin and also it smells yummy I could literally end up licking my hands, but don't do that cause it don't taste as good as it smells. lol

  • I love wearing this in the mornings, its so fresh and springy and wakes me up.

  • I mean who doesn't love the smell of strawberry's? its such a fun summery scent that keeps you happy through out the day! 

Definitely  recommend these cause not only do they look and smell great but they actually mend your hands! so go get them! let me know what your favourite scent is! 

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